Butterfly Tea Cup & Saucer

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Butterlfy Tea Cup and Saucer, 210 ml (7 fl oz)


  • Make any tea time enchanting, with this colourful designed Butterfly tea cup and saucer.
  • Featuring the original illustrations by Gerrit Wartenaar Lambertz (1747 –1803) from the book De Uitlandsche Kapellen (aka PAPILLONS EXOTÏOÜES) by Pieter Cramer circa 1775.
  • The tea cup and saucer is adorned with beautiful detailed butterflies.
  • The enchantment continues with a beautifully magnetically sealed “Open Here” Gift box, featuring more illustrations from the book.  
  • Made from the best Fine Bone china (Vegan friendly), capacity 210ml (7fl0z). Hand wash only.
  • Tea cup Measurements  - Height - 6cm 
                                         Diameter - 10.5cm
  • Saucer Measurements   - Diameter - 15cm


Butterfly Tea Cup & Saucer

Immerse yourselves in this butterfly sanctuary with this delightful cup and saucer set.

Tea time will never be the same again with this Butterfly cup and saucer set made from fine bone china, for that hint of sophistication, strength and beauty.

The tea cup and saucer depict original illustrations Gerrit Wartenaar Lambertz (1747 –1803) who was an 18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands, commissioned by Pieter Cramer to draw his extensive natural history collection specimens.

A splash of colour adds a vibrant and yet stylish touch to an already enchanting design, paired with an inspirational butterfly quote - “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” ― Chuang Tzu



A divine gift for any nature entusiasts

The world of Butterflies continues with a matching gift box to display and keep safe the cup & saucer. The box is magnetically sealed with an “open here” sign to reveal more artwork from the original  "De Uitlandsche Kapellen" book. Making it the ideal present for anyone who wants to take a tea break into a beautiful butterfly oasis!